VW’s new green offering won’t leave you feeling Blue

vw transporter bluemotionWhat is with some bands from the 80s and 90s and all these reunions, eh? Can’t they just leave our ears alone. Some of them were bad enough the first time around, so why do they think it’s a good idea to fill the charts with the same tosh as before?

I tell you, if I had a penny for every two-bit boy band or girl group from the 80s or 90s that’s tried to stage some sort of reunion in the past year, I’d have my motor trade insurance sorted for the next 10 years.

Not that I’m against music from that era. Truth be told, I’m quite partial to a bit of electro-pop myself. So, when I started seeing Bluemotion popping up everywhere, I thought it was some sort of mash-up of a few New Order tracks from back in the day.

Turns out, however, that it’s Volkswagen’s new technology to make their commercial vehicles greener (yeah, I know).

They’ve been fitted this gear into a lot of their cars in the last few years, but now their vans are getting the same treatment.

The VW Transporter has already had a few bits of Bluemotion tech thrown in, like low rolling-resistance tyres, stop/start and a brake regeneration system, but now they’ve gone the whole hog and brought out a full spec Bluemotion version.

That means this popular van now comes with an automatic tyre pressure monitoring system, which make sure that when you’re driving around, your tyre pressure performance is up to scratch.

VW have also greatly improved the Transporter’s efficiency, which is good for motortraders pockets and the environment.

For a start, the Transporter Bluemotion only comes in the T27 2.0 TDI version, with a 114hp diesel engine and standard roof height, however other models to contain some Bluemotion technologly.

So how much is this bad boy going to save you? Well, VW reckon the Transporter Bluemotion will give you an extra 125 miles on each full tank of diesel. So, if you cover about 30,000 miles in a year, it you could be looking at a tidy saving of £830 – should cover the van insurance costs.
Even the 114hp 2.0 diesel Transporter with a few of the Bluemotion specs lags a good bit behind the full Bluemotion version, giving you 77 fewer miles. However, even this is an improvement on the Transport without any Bluemotion technology, with the efficiency features allowing an extra 48 miles a tank.

Aside from the Bluemotion badge and greater efficiency, there’s not much difference between this and the ordinary Transporter – which is a good thing. You’ll get the same high standard of drive from this solidly-built van and you should benefit greatly from competitive sell-on values. The only tiny little grumble is the lack of storage space in the cab, but it’s no by no means a deal-breaker.

All in all, the Transporter Bluemotion represents greater efficiency, with the famed VW reliability – a winning combination, especially for motor traders whos businesses clock up high mileages each year.


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