Traders Insurance, Good Cover is Essential

road risksWorking in the motor trade industry can see a wide and diverse range of people handling motor vehicles, cars, vans and motorbikes on a daily basis. Whether they’re selling them, fixing them or testing them, they all need to be protected.

The list of trades that need the correct traders insurance cover includes a wide variety of services including New & Used Car Sales, Garages & Vehicle Servicing, Body Shops, Mechanical Repair, Vehicle Electrician, Car Detailing, Breakdown Recovery, Crash Repairs, Vehicle Valeter, Classic Sales, Car Jockey, Import Sales, Performance Sales, Car Demos, Tyre Fitting / Sales, Window Tinting, MOT Prep / Testing, Scrap Dealer the list is endless. Motor trade insurance can be pretty diverse too, but it is the safest and soundest way to protect you and your motor trade business.

Whether it’s a small family used car business or the branch of a large car supermarket, anyone working in the motor trade needs the proper insurance. However, the size of your operation will affect what type of cover you need.

Depending on where you and your vehicles spend most of the working day, you’ll either be looking to take out road risks insurance or a combined motor trade insurance.

At MotorTorque UK you’ll be able to obtain a large number of quotes for road risk and combined motor trade policies in a matter of minutes.

Road Risks Cover

young motor mechanicRoad risks insurance will usually be available in third party, third party only and comprehensive and will protect you, your staff and the company’s vehicles, whether there on the premises or on and about on business.

Road risks will also include employer’s and public liability cover, should one of your staff, a customer or member of the public get injured or become ill as a result of you business operations. Liability insurance is designed to help you with the cost of any claims brought against you.

A combined motor trade insurance policy is designed to cover every aspect of your business and will usually included features which could also be bought separately.

However, the advantage of a combined policy is that it keeps all your cover in one place and make renewal and claims a whole lot easier as you won’t have to go rifling through a mountain of paperwork to find the individual policy you need.


garage mechanicsA combined traders insurance policy can be tailored to suit your own particular motor trade business. It combines road risk with business insurance. It will give you all the cover you need when out on the road while also protecting your business premises and contents, such as stock, equipment and tools.

To compare road risks and combined motor trade insurance policies get a quote now!



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