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scrap dealerCar scrap dealers can make a fortune out of what others see as worthless junk, but if they don’t have the right motor trade insurance in place, then their policy could be for the scrap heap.

The proper cover for car scrap dealers and breakers is essential to protect the smooth running of the operation. When you factor in the large, potentially dangerous machinery that is used in breakers yards and the many time someone from a scrap dealer has to go out on the road to fetch a car which has been smashed up in an accident, there are plenty of potential risks out there.

No matter how big or small your business, MTI can help you uncover a car scrap dealers and breakers insurance which ticks all the boxes.

Road risks cover

You’ll need cover for all vehicles operated by your business. In the case of a car scrap dealer, this can mean the pick-up truck which transport cars which have been involved in accidents to your yard.

However, you may also need cover for dealers who travel around to collect smaller pieces of scrap or meet other dealers and customers. In any cases, you need to be prepared for what could happen and that’s where road risks insurance comes in.

Road risks cover for car scrap dealers and breakers comes in third party only, third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive, much like ordinary car insurance. However, the difference with roads risks is that it covers the driver, not the vehicle. This makes life a lot easier because it means you don’t have to have separate policies for all your vehicles.

Liability cover

Tbe British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA) noted that many of their members still did not have the adequate protection in place, you will need liability cover if you don’t want to see a huge claim against cripple your company. Scrap yards can be dangerous places, with loose bits of metal lying around and huge equipment in operation.

If anyone works for you, you must have employer’s liability insurance as part of your cover. This will allow you to deal with any claims brought against you by one of your employees if they are injured or fall ill in the course of their work. Public liability will cover you against similar claims made by customers or other members of the public.

Protect your premises

You may think that you can’t do much damage to a scrap yard, but if you have an office building on the premises, you’ll need to make sure you can keep everything ticking over if something unexpected happens.

When you search for a quote with MTI, you’ll be able to find cover for your office and yard, should they be damaged by flood, fire, vandalism or subsidence. The cover can also protect contents, such as you and your employees’ personal possessions, office equipment such as computers and furniture.

Any damage to your premises will set you back a bit, so there is also the option of taking business interruption cover which can help with loss of incomes or temporary relocation costs. The machinery used in scrap yards is highly specialised, so there is also the option of purchasing extra cover for tools and equipment.

Don’t spend your money on cover which is a hunk of junk. Compare the best motor trade insurance quotes now at MTI

Car Scrap Dealers & Breakers Insurance from MTI