Road Risks Cover – Do You Need It

trafficIf you spend your day jumping in and out of cars, chances are you either a famous celebrity trying escape the paparazzi or you work in the motor trade.

If you are the latter, then there’s a good chance that most of those vehicles belong to customers, or potential customers.

Driving cars requires car insurance, but would you take out a dozen different insurance policies to cover ever single car you find yourself behind the wheel of? That would be expensive, involve a mountain of paperwork just be downright daft.

With a traders road risks insurance policy, you’ll be free to drive as many vehicles as you need and know that you are covered should anything go wrong.

If you run a business which involves a number of different drivers operating various different vehicles every day, then finding a good motor trade road risks policy is vital.

However, there’s no need to clock up the miles visiting the endless number of websites and insurers or spending most of the day on the phone either.

One quick spin over to the quote page should have you well on the road to a great policy which will cover all vehicles and all drivers.

Not only will this type of cover help with the smooth running of your business, it’ll keep on the right track legally speaking also as you’ll be complying with the Road Traffic Act as it will allow you and your employees ‘drive any vehicle’ for business purposes.

motor traders forecourtWhen comparing motor trade insurance, it’s important to know how much cover you need. With standard car insurance, the value of the car will go a long way to deciding how much you pay on your premiums. However, with road risks cover, the policyholder can set the amount based on how much cover you think is required. Different areas of the motor trade will require different levels of indemnity. A luxury car dealer is going to require a lot more cover than a local garage who is just fixing up old bangers to get a few more years out of them.

When you compare the various options on offer you’ll also need to factor in other features such as employer’s and public liability, cover for tools and equipment and, where appropriate, legal cover and business interruption cover.


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