Plug in to Citroen’s new Berlingo Electric

citroenberlingoelectric-commercial vehicleIf your plan is to green in 2016, then the CV Show at the Birmingham NEC should provide some interesting options.

Among the electric commercial vehicles launched at this week’s show is the newest incarnations Citroen Berlingo Electric. Pencilled in for general sale in the third quarter of this year, the Berlingo Electric boast a couple of improvements on the previous models.

When Citroen first introduced the electric version of the Berlingo onto the market in the mid 90s, the batteries had to be leased separately, which meant an additional cost on top of the purchase price.

However, Citroen have now rolled up the cost of the new lithium ion battery pack with the overall price of the vehicle, which kicks off at £21,300 plus VAT.
But help is at hand in the form of the plug-in grant, which should be available later in the year, just when the Berlingo Electric hits the market. This initiative is designed to provide an incentive for consumers to purchase electric vehicles by provide some money towards the cost.

Citroen claim the new Berlingo Electric will have an operating range of 106 miles. It can take 12 hours in a domestic socket to fully recharge it. You can also use a quick charger to charge it up to 80% capacity in 35 minutes.

The Berlingo Electric’s battery pack doesn’t impinge on load space either, which is on a par with the Berlingo Diesel’s 3.3cu m. There’s also no difference in the payload which comes in at a generous 636kg.

Other new features include air conditioning, which elevates the Berlingo Electric’s spec range just above that of the LX. Citroen are confident the new Berlingo Electric will enjoy widespread appeal when it hits showrooms.

“Our previous electric LCV experience suggests these include local authority applications such as meals on wheels and parks departments while we also expect demand from urban-based businesses, where its ease of driving, cheaper motortrade insurance and silent operation are key features,” said Scott Michael, who heads up Citroen’s commercial vehicles & business centre programme.





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