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Specialist Cover For Mechanics:

Motortrade InsuranceMechanics Cover is a specialist area and its essential to make sure you, your business and your customers have the protection they deserve. Compare prices online using the simple, secure quote form now or call to get the best deals available at MTI.

Workers in the motor trade are primarily concerned with getting cars on the road, whether that be fixing up damaged vehicles or striking a sale with an interested customer.

However, sometimes in the line of duty, vehicles can be kept off the road for longer than they should due to damage. Anything can happen when cars are being repaired or transported between garages or service yards.

That’s why it’s essential to have the right motor trade insurance. This will not only protect you against damages to your customers’ vehicles, but also personal injury claims or damage to other property belonging to your clients.

Customers may put their cars in your capable hands, but once they enter your premises, there also expecting to be in a safe environment. If they are injured or have their property damaged while on your premises, you could be hit with a claim.

Correct cover gives you peace of mind

You may run a tight ship, taking all the safety precautions you can and providing a top notch service to your customers. But even then, even the most diligent of mechanics can’t prevent accidents happening.

There are things which are just out of your control, and with more people prepared to take bring personal injury claims.

Whether it’s an accident or a natural disaster, there’s no telling what’s round the corner, so having motor trade insurance is vital in guarding your business against the unexpected. You can take out dedicated mechanics insurance which perfectly reflects your line of business and provides you with protection for your staff, your stock and your premises.

Mechanics cover will provide insurance for a range of professionals working in vehicle maintenance, including mechanics, diagnosticians, service personnel and tyre, exhaust and brake specialists as well as cover for mobile mechanics.

To get the best possible cover, it’s always best to carry out an online search as you be able to compare policies from a wide range of different providers.

Choosing the right type of policy

Motor trade insurance for mechanics can be purchased in a few different ways. You can choose various types of cover depending on your circumstances or opt for a comprehensive policy to suit everything.

Road Risk Cover

This will cover you for any damage to property or injuries which are caused by vehicles you drive while carrying out your work. This can often be a good option for mobile mechanics as they can pick up cheap motor trade insurance which will cover them for any vehicles they use while repairing other vehicles as well as their own private vehicles.

Employers Liability Cover

This will not only protect your staff, but give you support if one of your employees brings a claim against you. Should a member of your staff be injured or suffer illness while working for you, whether that be at a central premises or out on the road, then they could bring a claim for damages against you.

Employers liability insurance will not only help with legal and compensation costs, it’s against the law to operate without it if you have people working for you.

Public Liability Cover

This will help you out with legal and possible compensation costs should a member of the public bring a claim against your for injuries or damage to their property. Such claims could be made by a customer or other member of the public who just happens to get caught up in an accident you or one of your staff have caused while on duty.

Combined Motor Trade Cover

A combined motor trade insurance policy is a bit of a one-stop shop and can provide you with comprehensive mechanics cover. This will provide you with protection for all aspects of your business, including transit insurance, business interruption insurance, legal expenses cover, and employers or public liability.

Added extras to choose from:

For those mechanics who operate from a central premises, there are a number optional extras which can be added onto your mechanics insurance for an additional cost. These can include buildings and contents, legal expenses cover, storefront and glass cover, professional liability cover and business interruption cover.

Reduce the risks by taking out a motor trade insurance policy which best suits your mechanic business. A failure to take out cover could put your whole livelihood in jeopardy, so act fast to protect you business. Having the right cover in place gives you the peace of mind to get on with running your business.

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