Great Tips for Traders with MTI

Cutting costsWe are dedicated to providing you with the best deals on your Traders Policy. Your cover should not only be purchased on price alone, you should look into the level of cover you require and if there is a need for extra protection.

Listed below are some useful tips to save you money on your Motor Trade Insurance.

a) Additional drivers you add to your Traders Policy should be over 25. All drivers under 25 will add to your premiums a significant amount.

b) Did you know that your No Claims Bonus on your private car policy can be used on your policy should you not have a no claims on it. You could be getting discounts even though the no claims have not been earned in the Trade.

c) Many brokers can offer you finance on your policy. If you have the funds it is far better to pay in full, your policy will cost you more in interest charges.

d) High performance cars may not be covered by standard traders cover. If require cover for a high performance vehicles, you must inform your broker or insurer. You may end up without cover in the event of a claim.

e) If you look at the amount of additional cover you have or an increase of your voluntary excess you pay, you can make significant savings on your policy.

To get more information on our Motor Traders Insurance and the amounts you can save, compare quotes now with MTI.


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