Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re working within the motor trade you’ll know how crucial it is to get the right cover for your needs. The question is which policy is right for you and your business?

There is a wealth of policies available but it’s up to you to select the one that fits the area of the trade you are in together with your budget.

As an example those that work in motor sales will require a completely different policy to a garage owner. That’s why it is important that you carry out the correct research before going ahead with any policy.

We’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions to aid you in retrieving the policy you need; however if you’d prefer to ask one of friendly team just give us a call.

Q. Do I actually need specialist cover?

A. If you work within the motor trade industry in any capacity and are self-employed then you will need a motor trade policy. Should a claim need to be made you’ll need to provide proof of your trading status with relevant invoices and records.

Q. Can any previous No Claims Bonuses go toward my next policy?

A. You can use any no claims bonuses that you have to put toward your new policy. It can work in your favour and help lower any premiums you have to pay.

Q. Will my partner be covered with my policy?

A. This can be arranged upon your request although it is not advised unless absolutely necessary as adding a partner can result in a higher premium.

Q. Is there a way to protect my No Claims Bonus on my policy?

A. Most insurers will give you the option to protect your no claims bonus at an extra cost. Although there may be an additional fee it means that your no claims bonus will not be affected should a claim be made against your policy.

Q. Do I need a purpose built business premises in order to purchase cover?

A. No. For example, those within the industry such as mobile mechanics and traders that operate from home can take out “road risk cover”. This will allow you to be covered whilst in the care of any vehicles you may use on a daily basis.

Q. Explain what is meant by a combined policy.

A. Combined policies cover any vehicles left in your care.

Do your research

Hopefully the above information has answered any questions that you may have about your next policy requirements. Should you require further information please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

It is imperative that you carry out the proper research on your cover before going ahead with anything. Remember, standard car and van policies will not cover your needs as the requirements for a business within the motor trade differ dramatically.

Discussing your policy with specialist advisors can be a good step as each business is unique and can vary on their individual needs.

Using specialist brokers that can be found through MTI can enable you to utilise the knowledge and skills of experienced professionals in order to find you the right cover for the right price. And for those of you that enjoy doing your homework you’ll be sure to be pleased with the results you find.

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