Exhaust, Tyre & Accessory Fitters Cover

A Guide to Exhaust, Tyre & Accessory Fitters Requirements

exhaust fitterExhaust, tyre and accessory fitters establishments experience a phenomenal turnover of clients and while that’s great for business, it can bring with it a whole host of risks.

From workers or customers getting injured on the premises to motorists having an accident because of a dodgy part you’ve put in or shoddy workmanship, there’s always the chance that something could go wrong.

With exhaust, tyre and accessory fitters insurance, you can protect your business against all these risks. If you don’t have the right  cover in place, then damage to your premises or vehicles or a costly claim could cripple your operation.

Types of Cover Required

Most tyre and exhaust centres will employ busy teams of workers and if you run one, you are legally obliged to have employer’s liability insurance. This will help towards the cost of any claims brought against you by a member of staff who is injured or falls ill while at work. Public liability insurance will protect against similar claims made by customers or other members of the public. This can also cover you if a customer has an accident in their car due poor workmanship.

Not all areas of the motor trade will need product liability, but tyre, exhaust and accessory fitters should seriously consider it. This will cover you if a customer makes a claim against you if you have fitted a part which has turned out to be sub-standard and been the cause of an accident.

Road Risks Cover

While most of your work will be done in a garage or central premises, you will need road risks cover. This will cover vehicles connected with your business and employees who drive them. Road risk insurance for exhaust, tyre and accessory fitters comes in the same three levels of cover as regular cover – third party only, third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive. However, it differs from standard cover because it is the drivers of the vehicle who are covered, not the vehicles themselves.

Other forms of cover

When you compare motor trade insurance at MTI, you’ll find that there are a number of other options available for exhaust, tyre and accessory fitters insurance.

You can cover your business premises and the fixtures and fittings from damage caused by fire, flood or subsidence. You can also take out insurance for tools, equipment or machinery should they be stolen or damaged.

You can also take out cover for loss of money and goods in transit to protect parts and other stock which is being delivered to or from your business premises.

If damage to your garage means you can’t trade for period of time, you can also avail of business interruption which can help with loss of income or temporary relocation.

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