Crash Repair & Body Shop Insurance

Specialist Policies for Crash Repairers and Body Shops:

body shopBody Shops and Crash Repairers have specialist requirements which need the appropriate cover. Just complete the quick no-obligation quote form now and get a fast quote at MTI, it’s simple, secure and could save you money.

Crash repair and body shops are used to dealing with unexpected bumps and bruises, but imagine if your own business was suddenly hit with a crushing blow out of the blue.

With car crash repair and body shop cover, you’ll be able to fix up your business and get in back on the road following any setback.  Businesses in the motor trade vary greatly, and each area of expertise will require a specifically tailored motor trade insurance policy.

Crash repair and body shops are no different. Luckily, MTI can help. We’ll help source the best and most affordable coverage for your crash repair or body shop business.

Everything from standard road risks to cover for poor workmanship and sale indemnity, you can guard against a range of unexpected occurrences.

A crash repair business may operate a number of vehicles and the drivers of those vehicles can be covered by road risk insurance. This gives drivers who work you the freedom to drive any vehicle associated with your crash repair business. It will also cover employees who are driving customers’ vehicles.

Body Shops – 3 Categories of Cover

Road risks cover can come in three broad categories. Much like standard motor insurance, these are third party only, third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive.

A third party road risks policy is the most basic type of cover required by law. This will cover damage or loss of a customer or their property or that of another member of the public. Employees will not be covered if they have caused an accident which leads to injury to a third party or damage to their property.

Third Party Fire and Theft provides a similar level of cover, but also protect your company’s vehicle if it has been damage by fire or stolen.

The only way to make sure that all vehicles and people involved in an accident is to take out a fully comprehensive road risks insurance policy. That way you’ll be able to cope with the potentially huge costs which may arise out of such an accident.

A car crash repair and body shop business will need to have substantial liability insurance in place to protect it from unexpected claims.

Main Types of Liability Cover on Offer

Of the three main types of liability cover, only employer’s liability is a legal requirement. It cover you for claims brought against you by members of staff who have fallen ill or been injured while working for you. This covers full-time and part-time employees.

Public liability insurance is not required by law, but is highly advisable, particularly if you are dealing with customers on a daily basis.

It will protect you if a customer or member of the public takes you to court as a result of illness, injury or damage to their property caused by your business operations. This is a very useful form of cover for a crash repair and body shop business because a customer could sue you if they are injured as a result of sub-standard workmanship.

The third form of liability insurance available is product liability insurance. In the case of a crash repair business, this will cover you if a product or part you use to repair a vehicle cause illness, injury or death to the customer.

A customer could bring a claim against you or one of your employees for using the defective product, so product liability will help out with any legal action which arises.
If the product was faulty, you as a business owner could bring an action against the supplier on manufacturer.

Combined crash body repair insurance

Rather than taking out each individual type of cover, you can purchase a combined motor trade insurance policy for you car crash and body shop company. This will give you the peace of mind that everything is covered in one comprehensive package.

A combined policy can include protection against damage to your business premises, no matter if you own it outright or lease it from a landlord. It will also cover you for damage to fixtures and fitting and tools, equipment and vehicles connected to the business.

All the main forms of liability insurance will be contained in a combined policy and you will also be covered for theft of money, whether from the company’s central premises or while it’s being taken to the bank or night safe.

A combined motor trade insurance policy will also feature business interruption cover for your crash repair and body shop business.

This means you can continue to trade should your premises or equipment be damaged and stop your operations. This type of cover can help towards the temporary relocation of the business and the loss of income.

Personals possessions, whether they be yours, your employees’ or customers’, will also be protected by a combined car crash repair and body shop insurance policy.

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