Car Sales Insurance

A Quick Guide For Car Showrooms

car salesThe right car for the right customer – it’s a mantra that a lot of used and new car salesmen live by. It’s no different when it comes to cover for people who sell cars for a living. Anyone who trades in motors will need to have the proper cover in place, depending on the size and type of their operation.

Motor trade insurance covers many areas, and the sale of used and new cars is just one of them. Within that, there a range of different needs and requirements, to large showrooms to a used car salesman operating out of his home address. One thing they do have in common is the necessity of the appropriate car sales cover.

MTI deals with a wide range of specialist brokers to find the right kind of car sales cover to suit your business. You may think it’s the customer who needs to be covered as, hopefully, they are the ones who will be driving away in their new motor.

But, often a car sales business will require its employees to move cars about, have them valeted or accompany potential customers on test drives. You’ll also want your customers to feel safe too and be protected should an unfortunate accident occur, either out on the road or in a showroom or business premises. Therefore, it’s essential to have some form of motor trades insurance in place.

What Types Of Cover Are Available?

For employees who drive the cars which are for sale, the levels of cover are similar to those for standard car insurance – third party, third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive.

Although third level is the cheapest form of cover, it may not always be the most useful, especially when you consider the amount of expensive stock you are moving about.

You will also have the option of covering privately-owned family vehicles with your car sales insurance. However, if you’re selling luxury cars from nine to five, then chugging home in a clapped out old banger, that may not be such a good idea.

Once a satisfied customer has driven the car off the lot or out of the showroom, problems can still arise. They could discover damage to the vehicle or poor workmanship. A decent policy will cover you against any claims brought against you.

You’ll also need to take out employer’s liability cover if you have staff working for you and public liability is also highly advisable, especially if you are dealing with members of public on a daily basis.

Although car sales insurance is a requirement for all motor trades, you can tailor the cover to your needs, depending on how big your business. Larger operations should consider a combined policy as it covers all the bases, such as buildings and contents, stock, business interruption, liability and loss of money. Smaller dealers can have the option of choose different types of policy which will meet their own needs.

Whatever form of car sales insurance you need we can help. We compare motor trades insurance from a range of specialist providers to bring you the best deal.

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