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Insurance for Car Jockeys

car jockeyA lot of people working the motor trade can find themselves driving a number of different vehicles on any given day. But for someone whose job it is to hop from one motor the next at a moment’s notice, the importance of a good motor trade insurance policy is paramount.

A car jockey can find himself moving cars around for dealers or mechanics or taking company cars to be fixed, serviced or cleaned.

Therefore, it’s important that a car jockey has their own dedicated form of motor trade insurance. Imagine having to take out a policy for every car you drive. For a car jockey, that would simply be out of the question, as they might not know what car they could be driving from one day to the next.

Insurance for car jockeys can be heavily dependent on where a car jockey works and the size of operation he or she is attached to and due to the quite transient nature of the job, the cover needs to be quite flexible and offer and number of options.

What Cover Does Your Business Need?

For companies looking to take out cover for employees, they will have the choice of purchasing a policy on a named driver or open driver basis. If there is just one person in your business who operates as a car jockey, then a named driver plan is best, but if you have more than one fulfilling that role, the open driver option will suit.

When you consider that car jockeys could be driving some very expensive cars around, whether they’re taking them to a showroom or to be cleaned, where there is a risk of damage due to harmful cleaning chemicals, it’s vital to have the sufficient level of cover in place. When comparing quotes, it’s a good idea to find out what the maximum payout for damage to vehicles is.

Many car jockeys will be driving cars belong to the company they work for, so it’s essential to have road risk insurance in place, which is available in three different levels of cover – fully comprehensive, third party fire and theft and third party only.

Liability insurance is also an essential component of any car jockey policy. A car jockey puts him or herself at risk everyday and if they are injured or fall in the line of duty, they could bring a claim against the company. However, all businesses who employ staff are legally obliged to have employer’s liability insurance.

It’s also highly advisable to have public liability insurance as this will protect a company against claims made by a customer or member of the public who has been injured or become ill as a result of work carried out by a car jockey is employed by your firm.

Compare quotes now to find affordable cover to meet all requirements.