Breakdown Recovery Business Cover

A Quick Guide to Motor Trade Liability Cover

breakdown recoveryBreakdown drivers deal with members of the public everyday, and they can often be in a pretty distressed state. Therefore, public liability insurance is vital in protecting your recovery company from any claims which may be brought against it.

Even with the most professional of outfits, accidents can happen and if a customers is injured in the process of a recovery or while on your premises, they could bring a costly claim against you. This could do untold damage to your company, so public liability insurance for the breakdown and recovery trade can be a real lifesaver.

Unless you’re flying solo, it’s highly likely that a breakdown and recovery business will employ some staff. Therefore, it is a legal requirement to have employer’s liability insurance as part of your breakdown and recovery truck driver’s policy.

Should one of your employees injure themselves while recovering a broken down vehicle or on your premises, they could bring a claim against you. Employer’s liability cover will protect you against such claims and help out with legal costs.

It’s always a good idea to use a provider with a good reputation for breakdown and recovery driver’s insurance because they will make sure employer’s liability is included in your policy and, therefore, that you operating within the law.

Combined Policies Offer Complete Protection

There are ways of finding out which companies don’t have employer’s liability, so don’t take any chances.

You can take out a combined motor trade insurance policy for your breakdown recovery business. This will cover your company’s premises and the recovery trucks and equipments which do the business out in the field.

A combined motor trade policy comes with a range of benefits, including:

• Employee and public liability
• Any damage to the building where the business operates from and any contents of those premises, such as machinery, fittings and stock.
• Damage to any vehicles involved in the recovery business, whether that happens out on the road or at the business premises
• Tools and equipment
• Any money which is stolen from the company’s premises or while it is being taken to the bank
• Business interruption cover. This will help towards the temporary relocation of the company and ensure that it operates as normally as possible while repairs are carried out to the premises.
• Personal possessions, whether they be your employees or customers.

We realise the range of policies on offer can be confusing so get a quote online with us and we’ll show all your available options at the best price possible or give us a call to get expert advice.

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